The Royal College of Nursing Congress 2019 – ACC Liverpool by Jane Wray

This year’s Congress took place between the 19 – 23 May and as always had a packed agenda with debates on a range of professional, clinical, educational and practice issues in addition to the exhibition and fringe events. Professor Anne Marie Rafferty—President of the RCN Council opened her first Congress with a rousing speech encouraging nurses and nursing to find their voice and stand up and speak out about matters that effect the profession.  Issues affecting the nursing workforce and especially safe staffing was a dominant theme throughout and I was particularly delighted to attend the session on ‘Transition from student to newly qualified nurse’ led by the RCN Newly Qualified Nurses Network which launched in December 2010 by Charlotte Hall. I attended with my STaR project hat on – and it was really inspiring to hear the NQNs stories from all the different branches of nursing and the wealth of advice students and NQNs shared with each other. Some really useful discussions:

IMG_5979 RCN Congress 2

Don’t Panic and Talk to Others – emphasizing the importance of both formal and informal support during the first 6-12 months. Talking with others, your peers, your friends, your family as well as your colleagues and preceptor.

Ask questions of your preceptor and team ‘How are you going to support me during this transition period?’ This is the period of time in which the team / your preceptor invest in you as a NQN. What does your preceptorship period look like? How long are you supernumerary for? What about your induction period? What happens after induction?

Accept that you are still learning – When you first staff you sometimes feel like you should know everything but just accept that you cannot know everything and you never will. Nursing is in almost constant change and you will keep learning not just in your first year of practice but throughout your career.

You can change your mind! – it is important to build trusting relationships with those that you work with but always remember that if this isn’t working for you – you can change your mind and choose to work elsewhere.

Finally it was really great to hear NQNs challenging the myth that you couldn’t work as a GPN as your first destination post and also how students and NQNs are ‘defenders’ of degree level education for nursing.

IMG_5969 RCN Congress

Photo: Charlotte Hall and the RCN Newly Qualified Nurses Network open the discussion on transition

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