Supporting the Transition from Student to Newly Qualified Nurse: Some ‘Top Tips’ for Clinical staff

As part of our series of blogs sharing the resources we have developed in our project, the next ‘Top Tips’ document is for staff in clinical practice supporting NQNs or nursing students in the final stages of their programme. This is another resource that will be available in our toolkit which is currently being finalised and will be shared later this year via our website.

These ‘Top Tips’ emerged from our interviews with nursing students in the final semester of their programmes, newly qualified nurses at 1 month and 9 months into practice, academics with an interest in transition and retention from across the world and clinical leads and managers supporting NQNs. You can read our ‘Top Tips’ for NQNs in our previous blog .

If you would like a copy of this flyer or our previous one for NQNs please email the STaR project (


Please note this is free to share and re-use under our Creative Commons license


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