Our toolkit is available for comment

Don’t forget our toolkit is available here and you can still comment or provide feedback on this until 18 Sept but thought we would share with you the following:

The STaR toolkit is an essential aid, a ‘one stop shop’ for all nursing students and newly qualified nurses, plus the nurses and organisations that support them. The toolkit brings together existing resources to help student nurses plan their early careers giving them the means to make smart decisions and get the best start possible. For those in preceptorship it provides links to competencies, supervision and re-validation. Packed with experiential and reflective accounts, the toolkit directs students and nurses to interactive and e-media sites to engage and enthuse them about the journey ahead. Having experienced the highs and lows of early career nursing I cannot recommend this toolkit enough.

Haley Jackson Clinical Effectiveness and Research Nurse

Humberside Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

And see what people have been saying on Twitter about us here.


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