About the project

What is the STaR Project?re-sized UofH logo

Supporting the Transition and Retention of Newly Registered Nurses (STaR) is a research project which is being carried out by a team at the University of Hull and funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing. The aim of the project is to:

  • Work with student nurses, newly registered nurses, academics and employers to establish the current state in the UK for nurse retention and transition
  • Provide UK health organisations, Higher Education institutions and individual nurses with an evidence based approach to plan for successful transition

Why is this research important?

To provide the best care to patients, it is crucial that newly registered nurses are given the necessary support and guidance. The period immediately after completing their pre-registration education is the one in which nurses feel most nervous about their practice and the time in which they are most likely to leave employment.

This study will seek to learn more about this period in a nurse’s career and identify ways in which they can be better supported.

The study has three phases – find out more HERE