Supporting the Transition from Student to Newly Qualified Nurse: Some ‘Top Tips’for NQNs

As part of our project we conducted 40 semi-structured interviews to gain a better understanding of the challenge students and newly qualified nurses face during the transition phase. This included nursing students in the final semester of their programmes, newly qualified nurses at 1 month and9 months into practice, academics with an interest in transition and retention from across the world and clinical leads and managers supporting NQNs. We have presented our findings nationally and internationally and discussed these with conference attendees and debated them with colleagues and peers via our Twitter®feed (@starnursehull). Our project advisory group of newly qualified nurses, students clinicians and service users have provided us with advice and feedback on our work and we have collated this into our project toolkit which will be shared later this year (watch this space!). The toolkit comprising a wide selection of resources (information, advice and tasks to complete) that are relevant to each particular stage in the transition journey and is designed to be used by students, newly qualified nurses, employers, preceptors, clinical educators and other healthcare staff involved in supporting newly qualified nurses during transition. We thought we would start by sharing some of resources we have developed during the lifetime of the project and this is the first in a series of blogs focused on‘Top Tips for NQNs’.


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