The Research Team

The Research Team consists of:

Professor Roger Watson – (Principal Investigator) 

Dr David Barrett – (Co – Principal Investigator)

Dr Jane Wray  – (Co Principal Investigator)

Dr Helen Gibson – Research Assistant

Jo Aspland – Research Assistant

Jeanette Gilchrist – Project AdministratorJG

Jeanette has worked at the University of Hull for twenty-five years in a variety of professional support roles.  Her experience within the Faculty of Health Sciences began in 2003 as the administrator for a project, managed by Dr Jane Wray, researching the experiences of Social Work students with unseen disabilities.  Once the project was completed Jeanette became the research administrator for the Faculty, supporting a number of professorial staff with their project work and servicing the Faculty Ethics Committee.

Latterly, Jeanette has been working in the Recruitment and Admissions Team in the Faculty, where she had the privilege of meeting final year students about to take up their first qualified nurse position, this sparked her interest in the STaR project.