Transition toolkit consultation


As we approach the end of the STaR Research project we want to start sharing our findings and outputs.  One of our project objectives was to ‘Develop an evidence-based toolkit that enables newly Registered Nurses and their employers to identify, implement and evaluate a co-produced individualised approach to transition and retention’.   This week we are launching the toolkit so I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a little more about it and the process that we went through in compiling it.

The toolkit is an online resource and was designed for students, newly qualified nurses, employers, preceptors, clinical educators and other healthcare staff involved in supporting newly qualified nurses during transition. We have been developing this over the last two years and it was informed by the interviews we conducted with students, NQNs, clinical staff and academics; the rapid evidence assessment and through discussion within the team and with our partners in practice. As part of the work we have been doing, we have connected with many others also undertaking excellent work supporting NQNs – and we have included some of their resources too, as well as ones specifically developed by the STaR project.

The toolkit is divided into the following five key sections which broadly map the journey from final year student through to qualified practitioner at 12 months post registration:

Section 1: General information

Section 2: First Job Planning

Section 3: Preparing for the Transition

Section 4: Induction Period

Section 5: Post Induction/preceptorship period

In each section, users can find links to information, advice and tasks to complete that are relevant to each particular stage in the transition journey.  It also includes a section containing resources and further information aimed at helping the user to ‘keep learning and stay connected’.  We also included links to relevant key resources by several organisations including: the Royal College of Nursing; the NHS and Health Education England; and social media links that were useful or relevant that had been identified during the lifespan of the project.

This final version has been refined following feedback from members of our project advisory group, nurse educators at the University of Hull and NQNs from an online forum. Feedback was sought on the design and layout, content, accessibility and overall presentation of the toolkit. We hope that you enjoy using the toolkit and that you find it useful.  It can be accessed by clicking here.

We would welcome your thoughts, comments or feedback on this toolkit and so please do contact us.  The opportunity to suggest amendments to the toolkit will be available until Friday 18th September 2020.


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